Saturday, 5 August 2017

1881. HadCrut4.

Three claims for the global historical surface temperature anomaly of the January-to-December calendar year 1881 as per HadCrut4 version 4·0·0·0.

1st claim.  “The anomaly is between -0·46(±0)ºC and +0·06(±0)ºC.
2nd claim. The anomaly is between -0·35(±0)ºC and -0·05(±0)ºC.
3rd claim.  The anomaly is between -0·30(±0)ºC and -0·15(±0)ºC.

The monthly series entails the 1st claim. The annual series entails the 2nd claim. The annual series decadally smoothed by the application of a 21 point binomial filter entails the 3rd claim. Which claims are true? Which claims are false? Which claims are neither true nor false?  Alternative link for version 4·0·0·0.

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